How can i trust people ؟

What do I do, do i trust again?

I have trust issues with girl, but theres this one girl that i have a great connection with. Im not sure how she feels because we dont see each often, but i dont wanna let her go. She tells me that she wont leave me but i wanna learn to trust again. I dont trust women because of all my negative experiences but this girl blows my mind. I dont wanna lose her but our situation is extremely complicated. Her names Evelyn, and shes great but i get really paranoid bcuz of my past and i always think shes doing me wrong. I dont wanna think that way, i want a "new" relationship with her. But i dont kno how she truly feels so I dont kno what to do right now. Do i wait for her while im in pain, or let her go. Im in a serious conflict but i need her in order to function. I try to tell her about my problems but i dont wanna give her more problems than she has. It seems like she doesnt give an effort into our relationship but she gives me comfort. I dont kno what to do, do i wait or let her go?