What do you think about the world politics generaly and about the lebanese politics specificly ؟

i mean if we will talk about the arab people we should know about there desteny and absouloutly God knows every thing could happen but we may just speculate what is the next for us… 1st pelestain 2nd gulf country 3rd lebanon (over and over lebanon) so what do we think ? should we say our word or USA may also control us!!! don’t know


بالنسبة لرجال السياسة في العلم العربي من حكام ووزراء الله يعينهم  لانهم صارلهم سنين بيفهموا فينا (انه احنا خرفان بس احنا بقر مش فاهمين هذا الحكي

r u lebanese??

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